Bear (djmedieval) wrote in bad_service,


Where to start..

Aside from the fact that nobody at my local Wendy's speaks native English and they can't be arsed to fix the drive-thru speaker system, the employees are apparently trained to be stupid.

I attempted to order at the drive-through window, and when my order appeared incorrectly on the LED display on the menu board, I tried to correct it. I couldn't tell whether they understood me because the speaker system is pure static, so I told them I would drive around to the first window and correct it. I read off my order and CONFIRMED that I wanted THREE cokes, not TWO cokes and a diet coke. Got my stuff at the next window. Lo and behold, a diet coke. Furthermore, the fries and chicken strips were all burned to a crisp. Oh, and I had to fight to get the third drink; they weren't going to give me the coke that was on my order, nor were they going to pony up some chicken strips sauce without major fisticuffs.

Its like this, folks: I don't care if the people working there speak absolutely no English whatsoever, the people working the drive-thru windows need to speak English and make sure the order is correct before it goes out the window.

(Oh, and what is this with having to ask at pretty much ANY fast food place for ketchup when ordering fries, otherwise you're out of luck?)
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