badisgood85 (badisgood85) wrote in bad_service,

This isn't earth-shattering, it just really annoyed me, especially when I got some serious attitude from the employee in question.

The BF and I recycle.  A lot.  We go bottle picking and have relatives who give us their empties so we can make a little extra cash here and there because, well, we're poor.  Luckily for us, there is a bottle depot just a few blocks away from our apartment.  They are always super friendly and thank us because we sort everything ourselves before we get in line.

Today we realized that our regular depot wasn't open, as they are open almost exclusively weekends.  It was out of the way to go there, but we have quite a collection of recyclables in the trunk of the car and thought it would more than pay for itself in gas.


We got there and an employee walked out as soon as she saw us pull up.  Now, a note of explanation.  We usually have everything in big garbage bags, and we use the blue bins in the depot to sort everything out really fast.  It never takes us longer than five minutes to sort everything and get in line.  We have never had anyone complain about the way we do this, and like I said, we are usually thanked for making their job easier.  Anyway, back to the suck.

The employee asked us if we were sorted and counted already.  We replied that we just had a couple of garbage bags in the trunk and we would just sort it out inside, and count them if need be.  We had never been asked to count before, but whatever, new rules.

"No, you need to have it sorted and counted before you go inside!"  I was a little irritated at the impatient "are-you-fucking-dumb" tone I was getting.

"Okay, is that a new rule?"

"No, it's always been that way, only sorted and counted an hour before close!"  Now, I have been at the other depot shortly before close, and never have they ever complained about me taking in my bottles, sorting them myself, and being rung through.  Both depots are run by the same people, and I would assume the rules are the same at both places.

"All right, well would it be okay if I borrowed some bins and sorted them outside here and brought them in?"

"No!  They need to be sorted and counted BEFORE you get here."  Now, this makes no sense to me.  I'd be sorting them, and counting them, as asked, and they don't have to do anything but ring me up.  Also, this is over 45 minutes before closing.  It wouldn't have taken any longer than five minutes to sort, and we were literally the only people there.

"Okay...well, I guess I'll have to come back another day."

She sighed so hard I was afraid her lungs would burst and just muttered, "Yeah, fine," and stormed back inside.  I was kind of floored.  The other depot is always so friendly and helpful and this woman was just...rude.  I realize that there are rules, but why the inconsistency between this depot and the other one, when they have the same owners?  And also, don't be a biotch when you tell me the rules.

So, bad_service , validate me.  Am I justified in being annoyed, or am I just overreacting?
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