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Surgeon's Staff

A few years ago, when I was 17 it became necessary to have a breast reduction and the stars aligned in finding a great surgeon. I don't remember her name now but she had been featured in the local 5280 magazine and had won several awards. She didn't provide any bad service; I wasn't disappointed in her at all. She did cut a few more nerves than necessary leaving me unable to feel "the girls" now except when they itch. But all in all my healing went as promised and the medical problems I had because of the twins being too big went away.

The bad service came when the woman who did the doctor's scheduling tried to charge us twice for the $10,000+ surgery. My dad's company has great insurance which later reimbursed him for the surgery but in the meantime it was an out-of-pocket expense for us. I'm not sure if my mom paid by credit card or what, but I remember the phone conversations she had with the woman. She has been known to be very customers_suckish but I think she had reason to be angry here.

The phone calls began the DAY I came home from surgery. The woman INSISTED at first that we had not paid ANYTHING. When my parents had in fact paid in full. She argued with my mom for over an hour that she needed to pay or else, until my mom hung up on her.

Next day she called back and her story suddenly changed. When my mom pointed out some proof that there was already a payment made to cover the surgery in full, the woman changed her story too "I need you to pay again because the first transaction didn't go through." "What part of PROOF of PAYMENT did you not understand?" "We need you to pay again." "So you agree we've ALREADY PAID." "Well ... yes. But I need you to pay again." So my mother hung up on her again.

This went on for about a week before my mom finally got a hold of the surgeon personally and told her what the staff member was doing. The phone calls stopped and there was a generic apology letter from the office confirming we paid in full and no one would be calling about payments again.

I heard last year that the woman was caught doing it again. She was stealing people's double payments for herself and was promptly fired when the surgeon had proof to take her to court I guess. I never heard if/when she paid people back but we apparently weren't the only ones she annoyed.
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