KJ (sevenday) wrote in bad_service,

Key facts: I am deaf. I have been getting my gas at this station, off and on, for seven years now. The people inside the McDs connected to the station know me both by name and order by now.

I stopped on my way home from work to get some gas and dinner, after a fashion, for myself. I pulled up to Pump #4, and got out to use my debit card at the pump. Did the insert/remove card. The message "enter pin" comes up, and I begin to attempt to enter pin. No asterisks appear on the screen, no matter how I try to press the buttons. It eventually times out and cancels transaction. I then back up to Pump 6, and the same thing happens.

I'm annoyed at this point, and figure I've got enough gas to get home, then to work, and then to a different gas station tomorrow. On my way into the building to get my food, I have to pass the gas counter. I'm annoyed enough to stop to talk to the woman there. I have never seen her before, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. No one is at the counter, so I step up... Script form!

Me: Hi, I just tried to pump gas at four and six, and the keypads don't want to recognize any of the buttons I pushed. Just thought I'd let you --
Her: You have to wait for the beep.
Me: I'm sorry, what was that?
Her: You have to wait for the BEEEEEP.
Me: What beep?
Her: (with an eye roll) You have to wait for it to beep before you put in the pin number.
Me: (confused) I've been here before and it's never been a problem, but maybe --
Me: (now growing annoyed) I'm deaf ma'am, I can't hear the beep.
Her: You just have to wait for it before you put in the numbers.
Me: Well, what happens if you push a button before the beep?
Her: (blank stare) What do you mean?
Me: If you try to put in the pin before it beeps, does it recognize it anyway?
Her: How am I supposed to know that?!
Me: (incredulous) Um. Well when you put in the pin, do asterisks appear on the screen?
Her: I don't know.
Me: ... Um.
Her: Just wait for the beep, okay?
Me: (patience gone) May I have the manager's name and number please?

I just got home, and sat down to call the number using IP Relay. I figure that I will get voicemail, so I instruct the operator, beforehand, that this is the message I want left: "Hello, my name is (sevenday) and I was just at your station at (address), and I was having problems with the keypads on pumps four and six. I reported the problem to the female employee, but she did not seem too interested in assisting me with the problem. You can call me back at (number.) Thank you!"

The operator confirms the message, then dials the number. Then she informs me that the number has been disconnected. I double check to be sure I didn't mistype/mistranslate the numbers from the card in my hand... nope. The lady gave me a disconnected number. I thank the operator, hang up...

And come here to bitch because DAMN.
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