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This happened in December to a me and a friend

My friend is blind, she cannot see anything and has a guide dog with her.

We were at an Old Navy looking for sweaters and I described something on a mannequin I liked and she said it sounded good and felt the front of it. I found an employee and asked him where the actual rack was since my friend had to pick a size, and we followed him to a rack containing sweater.

Bad Service part?

They were the wrong sweaters.

Wrong style, wrong cut, wrong wool and wrong everything. I told my friend I'd be right back and told the employee that those weren't the sweaters we wanted.

His response was to curtly tell me that "It didn't matter since my friend obviously couldn't tell".

To say I was floored put it mildly.

I'm used to people talking to me when she asks a question. I'm used to telling parents that despite what they think, they can't let their children play with the dog. And I'm used to people treating me strangely because I'm with someone who is 'handicapped'.

BUT to be such a blatant ass about it?

I was shaking with anger and wished I had something snappy to say but apparently my brain fails when people are just... awful and I just told her we'd go to another store. She didn't want to complain because it apparently happens a fair deal but I did call and complain. I've never seen the jerk back at the store
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