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Some old bad service.

When I first started my job in a phone store (let's call it Phone Shop), I was being trained on the job. The very first contract I processed was my own which I put through on my colleagues name with her and my supervisor standing over me prompting me through it so I didn't cock up. I set myself up with Orange on their Dolphin 35 plan. It's £35 a month and had 500 minutes, unlimited texts.

So I'm happy, leave the store with a new shiny phone and a nice new plan all happy that I'd done my very first contract. The contract went well for the first month and then...

My second bill comes, it's £75something. WHAT?! So I look at my bill and see it says "Raccoon 45". I was in shock. As I'd assumed I'd have unlimited texts, I was texting away with glee. My bill says I only have 100 but unlimited landline calls so obviously I had gone over my allowance.

I call Orange and enquire about why my account was changed without my knowledge or consent. They tell me that Phone Shop for had made a mistake. There's a pause. I say "Are you sure about that?" and they tell me to go back to Phone Shop as I have been missold a contract. "I'm sorry but you're wrong", I say, "I work for Phone Shop and I processed the contract myself." Silence. The call goes dead.

So three phone calls and 45 minutes later, I'm pissed. They are all insisting it is not their fault and I have made the mistake. I have my paperwork with the contract I signed for printed clearly. I can also see the automated email our system sends out to the network with the contract details and it's the contract I signed for. I finally flip out and ask to speak to a supervisor who looked into my account, informs me that a rep from his company had changed the price plan but there are no notes or reasons why it should have been. He refunds me the money that they took from my account and then gave me another month free in less than five minutes.

I cannot for the life of me understand why they could not have done that in the first place and insisted that I had messed up processing the contract.

I know they resolved it but I HATE having to sell their products knowing full well that their practises are dodgy. Nine times out of ten, I will recommend a different network that has the same deal. I'm just glad it happened to someone who was in a position to sort the problem out. If that had happened to a normal customer, they would have come back into us shouting that we'd messed up their contract and been dissatisfied when we insisted it was a problem on Oranges end and not Phone Shops.

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