When earth's foundations fled (yasaiya) wrote in bad_service,
When earth's foundations fled

I want to cry

So I ordered clothing from American Eagle on Friday. My credit card was recently switched over due to security issues, and I foolishly used the wrong number. Mea culpa. AE calls me on Monday and says there is a problem with the number. I apologise and give them my new number, except the new number doesn't exist. I call Mastercard and I'm told the transaction went through. Then I call American Eagle and find out the transaction did not go through and Mastercard is refusing to let it charge. I'm put on hold to speak with another representative, and then all the line goes dead. AWESOME. So Mastercard insists my card is being charged by American Eagle says Mastercard is refusing to let the charge process.

I do have the give points to American Eagle though. They were incredibly apologetic and nice, and have said they will cancel the order and redo it all over again to figure it out.
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