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A reply to "Some People Need to Be Fired"

If anything, the drones and the customers should be united against the braindead management that creates unpleasent working and shopping conditions.

That's a LOVELY idea, but it doesn't happen in the real world. Far, far too many customers seem to think that screaming, snapping or being sarcastic at the first salesdrone they encounter will fix everything. I was a very good customer service drone, and I actually used to occasionally say "I don't agree with this policy myself, write the company a letter, please, let someone higher up than me know, maybe they'll listen to a customer," but it was easier and more fun for them to keep snarling at me and blaming me.

The other problem is the Unreasonable Customer. They want their faulty item replaced, their money back and whomever "screwed (them) over" (what a normal, non-paranoid person would think of as "made an honest mistake" or
"had something go wrong due to circumstances beyond their control") fired. I have had people demand that my manager fire ME because of a transaction that I had nothing to do with.

Yes, it would be lovely if everything went perfectly, but that's not going to happen. It would be even lovelier (and much less likely) if people accepted something going wrong as an occasional part of life, not as some evil plot to ruin their lives.

But. They. Don't. Hence the need to vent on customers_suck

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