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Bad_Service: If you were off, you'd be gone by now

Some family members and I went to JCP a couple of towns over yesterday because The mall there is bigger.

I am in trying on clothes in the Women's dressing room. I needed a bigger size and so I asked a family member to grab an attendant for me to grab a bigger size (Pair of jeans had no tags and no size on the inside). Not two seconds later I hear yelling outside the fitting room door.

The attendant told my family member "No, I'm off in 5 minutes." Despite still clearly working and wearing her name tag. My family member got so angry and It made me really angry too once I finally got out of the dressing room. I came out and she had found another attendant to help us (Who was wonderful) so I went back to try more things on once I got the bigger sizes.

My family member went and complained to one of the Managers and as we were leaving we walked by and was getting her ass chewed from her manager in front of a ton of customers.

I work retail, I know it sucks when you are supposed to be off soon but you don't flat out refuse to help someone, that's piss poor customer service and with the way the economy is right now, Places can't afford to be losing business. Either suck it up and help them or find someone who will, don't just flat out refuse because "[You're] off in 5 minutes."

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