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You all may or may not remember my recent bad_service with Origin Energy. Basically, I moved out of a rental property that was being sold on Nov 23. Arranged to have the electricity d/c, they couldn't do it when I asked, this resulted in no-one being home and allowing access to the meter. They never informed me they couldn't access the meter (which is inside), I only found out recently when I called to see where my final bill was.

Since then, I have tried three times to get my meter read. I have had to explain to three customer service agents and two supervisors that the property is FOR SALE, I have NO RIGHT to be on the property to allow them access, and that the landlord/property agent will not wait for them to turn up between 8am - midnight, 8am - 6pm or 7am - 9pm (yes, I have been told all those different timeframes by different people). Since it appears that no one, in this history of being provided electricity, has considered this problem, I have had to deal with the problem as best I can.

One lovely girl offered me the service of being called 1 hour before by the meter reader, which I jumped at. I do still have a key to the old house (naughty me, but it's turned out to be a godsend), and I live 15 minutes away, so I figured when they phoned I'd jump in the car, wait outside in my car and then let them in and out when they arrive, and hopefully no one will be any the wiser.

The first time, the meter reader called me while he was at the property. I told him I couldn't get there for 15 minutes, he told me he would be long gone by then. He also admitted it said to call me 1 hour before on his paperwork, but he hadn't read it until then. Strike 1.
The second time, I didn't get called at all.
The third time, this morning, I got called when he was at the property. It was the same guy as the first time, who admitted to remembering me from that time, and said this time it was written on his paperwork to call me whilst on his way there, because I lived around the corner. I tried to tell him that I live 15 minutes away, and that the house is for sale, etc, but he cut me off and just repeated what was on his paperwork.

So, I've called Origin yet again and organised a final read for Thursday. This time, I'm leaving the key in the fucking letterbox and they can DIY. Yes, it's probably not cool to leave the key in the letterbox, but I plan to leave it there very early in the morning, so no-one will see me leave it, and besides, I literally have no other choice. I've been backed into a corner by Origin and this phoning me beforehand obviously isn't working.

I'm so mad right now!
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