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Bad/weird Walgreen's service

Standing in line to refill a prescription at Walgreen's, I realized my refills had expired a week before. This had happened to me once in the past, and my pharmacist at the time (at a different Walgreen's) told me not to worry, they'd call the doctor and get one refill for me so that I'd have time to make an appointment to get a more prolonged prescription.

So, when I got called to the counter, I told the pharmacy lady I had just noticed the lapse in refills, and asked if they could call the doctor etc.... She raised her eyebrow at me and said, "you need a new prescription from your doctor." I said I knew, but then re-explained what had been done the last time. This is a time-sensitive prescription (but not a narcotic or controlled substance or anything) and I didn't have the time or availability in the next 3-4 days to get in to see the doctor, so I asked, "can't you guys place a call for a refill request? Isn't that something you do?"

The woman sighed heavily and said, "I'm sorry, but your failure to plan ahead is not our responsibility. Have a good day," and turned her back to me.

I called my doctor's office and first, asked about the one-time refill. The receptionist said "just have your pharmacist call us and we'll authorize a refill. You will need to come in if you'd like refills in the future. Would you like to schedule one now?"

Pissed at Walgreen's, I went to the local pharmacy my mom uses. They were very nice, very helpful, and shocked when I said Walgreen's refused to put in the request for me. They said they'd call the doctor, and would give me a call when my refill came in.

Yesterday, I got a call from the Walgreen's automated system telling me my prescription was in. (weird, right?)

So.... I guess the Walgreen's lady put in the request even though she clearly implied she wasn't going to, I guess? I was just confused, and a little miffed that I had to give the mean Walgreen's my business and not the nice local pharmacy after all of this.
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