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Bad Service

So I'm new here! *waves hello* Reading other peoples bad service experiences reminded me of one I had a few years ago.

So I _HAD_ Sprint for my cell provider. When I first got the number, it was an added line on my boyfriend's account. We had been dating 6 years and lived together so it was no biggie. There came a point at 7 years that we realized we couldn't live together. So we decided to live separate, keep dating but to separate our lives from each other. That doesn't really pertain to the bad service, just an explanation of how we go to this point.

So we call Sprint and ask them to please remove my line from his account and set me up with my own account. At the same time he upgraded his account for more minutes and an internet pack since he would use his cell as a modem. He lived on his boat and used his computer there. You can't exactly get DSL easily to a sail boat so this was his solution.

They told me that I would be on his plan until the next billing period so I didn't need to worry about going over my minutes since his plan really had more minutes then he could ever use (he was ok with this too) but that on the first, I would go down to my little I am too poor to pay for a big plan plan and should be careful with my minutes from that point on.

So both of our bills come and we discover that they show me still on his plan using his minutes up to the first. But my bill shows me on my own plan using my own minutes (which I obviously went over due to this issue) starting the day we made the call. The same call that told me it wouldn't start until the first.

So we call Sprint and get a rep. We explain to them the issue and have both the bills in front of us. They say "yes.. we see this but you still have to pay the bill".

So we asked for a supervisor and this conversation happened.

BF: my ex-sweetie but still a sweetie
Sup: Sprint supervisor

BF had taken phone at this point because he was getting frustrated watching me go in circles and wanted to play too!

BF to Sup: So if you pull up both bills you will show that this line was billed on two accounts during the exact same time period at the same time.
Sup pauses to do this and says: Yes.. I see this.
BF: Great. So you can remove her charges for going over her minutes because she was supposed to still be on my plan.
Sup: I'm afraid not. She will still need to pay the bill
BF makes a priceless WTF face and is quiet for a moment before saying: What are you smoking?
Sup: Excuse me?
BF: You are admitting to me that you are double billing us but in the same breath telling me that we have to pay you for your mistake. Is that correct?
Sup and I am not lying here: Yes

This situation caused us days of phone calls, frustration and FINALLY got a supervisor with a brain who fixed the issue.

We just couldn't believe it! How can you admit you screwed up and then say that we have to pay you for the screw up? What was amazing was that the supervisor we got that first time couldn't seem to understand the lack of logic for what he was saying. He was acting as though it was perfectly normal and exceptable to double bill someone and expect them to pay it.

Idiots. It is safe to say I will never use Sprint for wireless services again in this lifetime. Ex ended up changing providers too. That is $500 a month less from a high paying account from him since he likes to have the biggest and best of everything and all over a bill around $50.
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