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Wellness Watchers.

I hope you will all consider this "bad service", but I apologise in advance if you don't.

I was looking for some medical advice online, and came across a group called Barton Publishing.

I paid $19.95, and have been receiving fairly informative emails about health issues.

They, however, in turn, passed my information, including my credit card details to an organisation called WELLNESS WATCHERS MD.

When I paid my initial money to Barton, in the agreement, I got a 14 day trial with this Wellness Watchers group. In all the correspondence from Barton Publishers, they said that I would be contacted by Wellness Watchers to ask if I wanted to be part of their group, and to receive further medical advice.

I did not receive any correspondence from them. I did not give them my details, or my credit card details. But they have been taking money out of my account for two months now.

I have contacted my credit card provider, have a complaint with then, notified them of the fraud. I have also tried to contact Wellness Watchers several times. However, as I am in Australia, and they are in the US, trying to catch them by phone is difficult. They do not answer any of my emails.

I have had to consequently cancel my credit card. I did use one that I could cancel, btw. As I am a little wary of doing things on the net. (okay all of you can now call me a dickhead for doing so).

I won't do it again, but I did want to warn people not to sign up with BARTON Publishing, as they are deceitful and may possibly sell your credit details to WELLNESS WATCHERS.

I did believe that Barton Publishing was a reputable company and I approached them initially, so I thought I had no fears of being deceived, and I did receive what I paid them for. It was only the fact that they handed my details onto another company without my consent.
Tags: online store/subscription, scams
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