Smart Aleck (wiseacre) wrote in bad_service,
Smart Aleck

Some people need to be fired

Once in a while I drop in at customers_suck to see what's up. I usually wind up making harsh comments to the posters because many seem to think that doing their jobs is beneath them. Well, I've really stirred up a hornet's nest by telling the tale of walking out of a restaurant without paying my bill about seven years ago
(The condensed version is that we waited for a waiter or busboy to show up to ask for our cheque for 20 minutes or so. Finally walked slowly toward the front, figuring that would bring our waiter. Made it all the way out the door. Sent a cheque the next day). Wouldn't do it again, as I've become more assertive and would make a stink in the restaurant.. Check it out and tell me, just how big a jerk am I? No, on second thought, don't. But anyway, I just don't like hostility toward customers. I don't treat my clients with such contempt.

I really don't understand why people think they shouldn't do the jobs they're paid to do. This post in this community also drips of "I shouldn't have to serve customers."

I know a lot of jobs are stultifying and that in many jobs the low-level staff have very little lee-way in applying policies or bending them to solve a problem but I don't understand why frustrated wage-slaves feel the urge to take it out on customers, the people who keep them employed. If anything, the drones and the customers should be united against the braindead management that creates unpleasent working and shopping conditions.
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