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Hello / goodbye American Express

So, Amex says my credit's trashed and won't / can't tell me why

So, to provide some details of my life and credit report, besides being employed full time I own 5 houses and am a landlord. I have 3 open mortgages and last time I checked last year my credit score was over 730, never have been late with a payment on the mortgages and was once in 1997 late on a personal credit card (not Amex) by 15 days due to the mail, but that was removed from my report in 1999.  I've been am Amex member since 1995.

I have a Costco American Express card that I got last year because, well, I love Costco. It has a 3% cash back on travel, gas, a couple of other things, anyway it's got a $2k limit. I have another Amex card with a 3K limit that I've asked if I could just get the credit moved over to the costco card because I never use the 3k amex.  Like, the last time I used that card was in 2002.  I was told no.  Eh, no biggie I thought.

Last week I found out I had to travel to Australia... well, not *had* to, but was going to, and I needed to plunk down $2094 for a couple of airline tickets.  I eyed the Costco Amex because it has 3% cash back on airline travel.  At the time I had about $50 in bills on the Amex.  I called the rep and asked if they would mind bumping the limit up by $500 so I could buy those tickets and was declined.  They didn't know why, I didn't think much about it and ended up making other arrangements to get the airline tickets (I just wanted the $60 in cash back I would have gotten from booking with the amex)

I got a letter today saying I was declined due to having done business with a mortgage lender thats patrons have been known to be credit risks.  They told me to check my credit report and see if this was true.  I called the call center and mentioned to them that one of the mortgage companies I did business with sold me and the company they sold me to sold me and now I was with yet another one but everything had been on time.  She told me i would have to look and see which one was a problem, I asked her how I was going to know which company I did business with that was a problem.  She did not know.

I asked was it a company I was currently doing business with or was it a mortgage I had paid off that was the problem.  She did not know.

I asked if there was a list of what companies were flagging me as a credit risk, she said I would have to contact Experion, I asked her if Experion said these were a risk or if Amex said the companies were a risk and she said Amex, so I asked if she could provide me with the list of companies Amex considers a credit risk and she said she did not have it and to contact Experion.

m: "so, I get this list from Experion, it shows who I did business with, right?"
h: yes
m: "and one of these companies is on a list that American Express owns that will say my credit is trashed for, right?"
h: yes
m: "but it's not Experion's list that is saying my credit is crap now?"
h: that is correct
m: "so even when I get this list fom Experion, I will not know which company you guys consider the risk, and you will not provide me with the name or a list of them, so it's pretty much useless since I did business with a company that evidently did business with a lot of losers"
h: yes (apologies)
m: so although you're saying Experion is reporting that I did business with a crap company, Amex is the one that's defined that company as a credit risk, but you won't tell me which one it is.
h: yes (apologies)
m: so regardless if I get this list, you're basing a credit decision on information that you will not release
h: yes

Eh, that was that... not that I require credit, that card is basically my gas and costco and airlines card, but man that's annoying to speak to a brick
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