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Cox Cable bad service

Is it considered bad service if I am paying for a service I am not fully receiving? Maybe the following is not bad service, but it is annoying and making me a VERY unimpressed customer.

Cox Communications is my cable television and internet provider. My service began on 01/02/2009, and I have NOT been impressed so far.

I let it slide when my self install kit was delivered on 01/02/2009, even though I called 2 weeks earlier and was told this kit would be delivered 12/31/2008.

I let it slide when I discovered my internet was not working after everything had been installed. After hours on the telephone with Cox, I finally was told of the exact problem (thanks awesome technical support dude!). I let it slide when the earliest date to fix my internet problem was 5 days later.

However, this is the thing that annoys me the most, since I lovelovelove television.

I have the digital deluxe cable television/internet bundle; totaling $99 a month, for which I get about 270 channels and high speed internet. Beginning on 01/16/2009, channels begun to flash black periodically. This would happen every few minutes; some channels did this while others did not. On 01/17/2009, I received a letter stating that Cox was going to be performing work in my area the first week of February and to expect outages in my cable. I assumed that this work had begun early. However, the outages began to get horrible, flashing black a few times per minute, and making me a HUGELY annoyed television watcher.

The cable began to be so unwatchable that I called Cox on 01/21/2009 and reported the problem (edited to add that I mentioned this problem has been happening since 01/16/2009). The work has not yet begun in my area, and resets of the cable box, and me making sure my connections were all good and tight did no good. The customer service representative was great, she sympathized with me and scheduled an appointment for 01/24/2009 to have a technician come and, what I thought, fix this problem.

On 01/24/2009, technician comes on time. Looks at my cable box, the wiring, the connections, sees nothing wrong. He goes outside to look at the wires, comes back in, and tells me that the problem is with the wires outside. He says he has to call maintenance to schedule a work order. I was utterly confused; I thought he was here to fix my problem, not refer my case to maintenance therefore prolonging my problem!

Whatever *eye roll*. The technician leaves, and so I could at least have some watchable television, my dad (who was with me at the time) connects the cable wire to the back of my television. 68 channels is what I currently have to watch, not the 270 for which I am paying.

I call Cox today. First, I find out the work order HAS been put in (thank God) and that I will be getting a call informing me of when the problem has been/is fixed (who knows when this will be; I was told 72 hours, but who knows?).

I transfer to sales and ask about a credit for my next bill. After all, I have not been enjoying all the channels for which I am paying for approximately 10 days (and will continue to be even longer). I am thinking that this credit will be decent, I mean going from 270 channels to 68 channels... you know... sort of sucks...! The representative tells me that my credit will be from the date I first called, 01/21/2009 until today, the 26th.

The credit amount? A whopping $4.25! She advises me to call back when the problem is fixed to see about getting a possible credit from 01/27/2009 to the date the problem is fixed.

I would call back tonight, but the call center closed at 6PM. I did write an email expressing my dissatisfaction with this low amount and asking how this amount was calculated.

I guess I should be happy I got some sort of credit, but $4.25? OH, YOU ARE SO GENEROUS COX! I have NO idea when this problem will be fixed (like I said, they say 72 hours but who the heck knows), and I am not currently able to watch all the channels that I am paying for.

Would there even be a point in calling tomorrow to ask about increasing the credit? How should I go about this. Or should I just say "screw it?"

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