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More school issues...

I don't even know how to categorize this, because this...This is
The first thing you need to know is, I am blind. Yes, white stick thing-carrying, Braille-reading, talking-gadget-utilizing, BLIND. Only enough vision to see five feet in front of me, and that's on a good day.
I go to one of the fine colleges in the lovely state of Massachusetts, where upon attending their open house/orientation in November 2007, the woman who was then the director of Disability services (from hereon out known as the DS Office), RAVED, ABOUT HOW GOOD THEIR SERVICES WERE! End of the first semester rolls around, and our finals schedule gets completely buggered, because of a major icestorm. This screws me up twice as hardcore because I take everything in Braille, which takes longer. Not only that but in order that I get that extra time, I must go to the DS Office to take the tests, therefore, the professors in question must send the material to the DS Office, to be Brailled.
January 7 rolls around, and I'm on winter break. My mother comes home, and starts screaming obscenities in my face about what a failure I am, how I should drop out of college and get the f$$$ out of her house, etc etc. Turns out, I got this letter saying that I was on academic suspension, that I no longer had housing, was removed from all the classes I'd preregistered for, etc etc. Keep in mind, two of my finals haven't even thought of existing in Braille. (I have been hassling professors for weeks.) I called the dean's office, personally, and the first words out of my mouth, albeit calmly, to the poor secretary were, "This is who I am, and I'm not very happy." Now, she told me all I had to do was submit an appeal for review by the dean. So, I had left my house, and was at a family member's with no internet. Thank whatever deity you choose, that I was able to call my taller half and say "Oy, transcribe for me and get into my email account, or I'm screwed."
He does this, I go back to school, professors still don't have my shit in. it is now January 26, and they still, do not have my shit in to the DS Office, so I can just do these tests, and get this the hell off my record.
But oh yes, there's more. The school-related poster below me had mentioned about something about Murphy simply anally raping the hell out of everything, and I totally agree with that statement. Meanwhile, crazymother is geeking out royally and plentifully. She's threatening to seek legal action. I don't really want her to do this because then she'll go for guardianship of me and just, fuck no. Fuuuuuuuuuck nooooooooo. But that's another post for another place and another time. So she takes it upon herself to hack into my email account and email the DS Office coordinator, who says "Ok well in order for me to continue this conversation with you, ms. CrazyAss, squeaky88 needs to sign a waiver." Now, in my mind, if you got a crazy bitch mother of one of your students threatening you with legal action, you'd provide the document for the student to read, before signing, in an accessible (readable) form, and you'd do it right quick. All this went down over the weekend. It is now 5:48 on Monday night, and that document hasn't found its way into my hands, or into my computer to be processed. Not saying I'll sign the thing anyway, I have to make sure it won't make me look bad in court, but come on. Oh, and ETA, apparently, the DS Office has been servicing me all semester long and HAS NO DOCUMENTATION OF MY DISABILITY!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, eh? Right, off I go to rip my hair out over this whole mess, lol.
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