Dave (alphawox) wrote in bad_service,

Grumpiness with a side order of management repair

Note: This wasn't horrific service. I get that. No need to say "oh, it wasn't that bad!"

Took place at Wendy's.

I pulled into the drive thru and heard "ORDER!" in a really pissed off tone on the other end. So I followed orders and gave my order. Not a major order and nothing custom. Then I hear "MOVE UP!" in the same pissed off tone. I'm tempted to speak to the manager just because I've never had a bad drive thru speaker experience at this place. When I got to the window, a manager was waiting for me, and she apologized for the person taking the order -- I guess the guy was standing behind her because there was a grumpy-looking employee in the money taking area.

I guess asshole on the window didn't have enough brains to know that management sometimes wears the headset too.
Tags: *bad service turned good, *fast food
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