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Lush bad service

It pains to me to say it, since I heart Lush so much, but I've received less-than-stellar service for the last order I placed.

As I said, I love Lush. However, they're a bit expensive, and so getting Lush stuff is a treat for me. There's only one Lush store in Adelaide, and it's in the CBD. It's very small, and it often doesn't have their new products in for a while. Since there's no way to check to see if they have what I want before going there (aside from ringing them and pestering the sales assistants with a list), I usually order my stuff online.

So on the 29th of December, I placed an order for 4 things: Angel Delight soap, Yummy Yummy shower gel, Stardust ballistic and Vanilla Fountain ballistic. It came to $40 with postage. After I placed the order, it said, as usual, to expect my order with 5 business days.

5 business days go past, no Lush. On the seventh business day, I decide to give them a call and see if it's been shipped yet. However, every time I call, I get an answering machine, despite it clearly being within their opening hours. I don't leave a message, and call back on the eighth day. This time, I get a person! I tell her I placed an order on the 29th, and before I can say anything else, she snaps "We're still working on orders before Christmas." Ok, says I. Not a problem. She then tells me that they're only up to Christmas Eve, and that they have been working on a delay. Every time I try and tell her that it's ok, I just wanted to know what was happening, she interrupts me with further ramblings about how behind they are. She is also speaking to me like I am stupid, and should have known there would be a delay. I eventually got off the phone with her, but I wasn't impressed. If, as she said, they were still working on orders from before Christmas, there should have been something on their website to indicate that. They found the time to update their site with new products right after Christmas, surely it would not have been hard to put a temporary message up about delays with online ordering?

Anyhow, the next day I get an email telling me my order has been dispatched, and I get it in the mail the nexy day, in an Express Post bag. Woo! Excited, I decide to try out the Yummy Yummy shower gel that night. The first thing I notice, without opening it, is that it's very runny. It's like water inside the bottle, rather than a gel. I shake it up a bit, to see if it helps, but it doesn't. So, I attempt to use it anyway, and it really is like pink water. Also, it doesn't smell the best - it smells kind of like sickly sweet washing up liquid. Needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed. I've used a few of their other shower gels, and none have been so runny or so unpleasant smelling.

So I sent an email off to their customer service people, informing them that it was runny and smelled kind of off. I didn't ask for a refund or anything, just asked if it was meant to be that way, so I knew if I should avoid buying it again, or whether I'd gotten a dodgy one. Well, that was over a week ago, and no reply. Given that I have heard that Lush are quite big on the quality of their products and happy customers, I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't heard anything from them.

I guess it's not that bad in the scheme of things, but given they cost a bit more than the average bath product retailer, I kind of hoped that their service would be great and their products great also.

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