lindsay gail (lingail140) wrote in bad_service,
lindsay gail

Bowling Alley Sucky Service

Last night three friends and I decided to go for some moonlight bowling. I wasn't in charge of this get together, my other friend was, we'll call him "W." W found this cruddy little bowling alley for us to go to which has 12 lanes, seems very old fashioned, and isn't in the greatest part of town. Now, we live in a big city, there are plenty of nice places to go bowling around here - why W chose this place I have no idea, and when the service suck started I can't say I was that surprised.

There was one guy working the entire bowling alley. Aside from our group, there were 3 other small groups of people there. So we go inside and the first thing that happens was the guy (we'll call him "BJ" for bowling jerk) shouts "LEAVE YOUR SHOES OVER THERE!" I've never been to an Alley when they told us to leave our shoes by the front door - but whatever, it's winter I guess I can understand that in a way.

After we leave our shoes at the door, we go back over to him to pay for the bowling, it was $11 each. I had collected all the money from everyone so I had a total of 44 dollars in my hand ready to give him. I gave him all the money and he said "IT'S ELEVEN DOLLARS EACH" I said I know, here's the money. BJ looked at me kind of annoyed and didn't take the cash so I went ahead and separated all the money laying out the $11 for each of us. Again he said "IT'S ELEVEN DOLLARS EACH." I said yeah I know, there's 44 dollars here, there are 4 of us. He said "I'M LOOKING AT FIVE OF YOU." I said um, no, there are four of us. And then, as if I was lying, he starts counting all the people in my group. Unbeknownst to me a young teenager girl - probably 13 (all my friends are in our early to mid 20s) from one of the other groups who were already bowling had come up and stood way to the right of us to probably ask some sort of question. So he counted her as part of our group and we had to actually convince this guy that we didn't know this girl and had no idea who she was. Finally, he gets the hint and takes our money and we were on our way.

The bowling was going okay for a little while, my one friend hadn't bowled in over 10 years so she basically had no idea what she was doing. But it's moonlight bowling, it's for fun, who cares, right? The next set of issues started happening when our balls started getting stuck and didn't come up the ball return. The first few times it happened, we would bowl a second ball, and it would come back. At one point, I wasn't really paying attention to what my friends were doing, and for whatever stupid reason all 4 of the balls we were using had gotten thrown down there and gotten stuck. Now, I realize that it's probably our fault for not getting the guy sooner, we can take responsibility for that one - but my friends don't really bowl so they didn't really know what to do.

So we go and get BJ and tell him our balls are stuck down there. We had to wait a good 10 minutes for him to get around to going and fixing our alley (keep in mind, there are 3 other groups of people there and bowling is from 10 to 1am). So BJ waddles off to the back of the lanes and unsticks our balls. He comes back over to our group as if we were a group of little kids and reprimands us for getting all of our balls stuck back there and said after we threw 2 balls and it didn't come back we should have gotten him. Okay, fine, whatever.

We keep bowling, and our balls get stuck AGAIN. Never in all the time I have bowled in my life had I ever experienced so many balls getting stuck in an alley before. At one point, we had thrown 2 balls and neither one had come back. At this point after what happened none of my friends wanted to go and tell the guy - so I went a head and did it myself. I had to wait again for him to show his face for a good 10 minutes, I have no idea where he was. So when I finally see the guy I tell him very politely that our balls are stuck once again and before storming off he says "MOTHER F*CK!" Before I had a chance to retort at him swearing at me, he was off to go fix the lane again. I was very flabbergasted that he would use that sort of language with a customer who at this point between paying for the bowling itself, food, and drinks, had sunk quite a bit of money in this place.

Our balls come back and we keep bowling, everything is fine until about a half hour before the bowling ended. Our balls got stuck - again. I wasn't about to go talk to BJ again so we decided as a group just to get the hell out of there.

Suffice to say I will never be setting foot in that place again. The thing that gets me angry is that we are not a group of young kids, we weren't causing any sort of trouble, we weren't rolling the ball stupidly as that other group of young teenagers were. We were just minding our business and trying to bowl the best we could. His attitude towards us was totally unnecessary ... but what should I expect from a cruddy little bowling alley?
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