drachenfach (drachenfach) wrote in bad_service,

Sainsburys suck

I normally have good service from Sainsburys, and I think their food is of better quality than any of the other local supermarkets, but lately I'm starting to wonder.

The first indication that their food wasn't all it was cracked up to be was when I took one of their 'Taste the Difference' (that's their premier brand) carbonara ready meals into work. I tasted the difference all right, a soil-coated mushroom slice in the very first mouthful. :( Leaving aside the fact that the description on the box didn't even mention mushrooms as a major ingredient, crunchy dirt filled pasta is not okay.

Second hit was in today's grocery shop, which was for a dinner party this evening. I bought a pack of three onions, needing two for a recipe, and two out of the three were rotten to the core.

I also bought Taste the Difference Anya potatoes. They're a bit dear, but worth it for being nicewly sized and well flavoured. Only this pack had extra flavour in the form of a renegade potato that was 3 times the size of the others, and so rotten that it broke open as I tried to remove it from the bag.

Three strikes and out.

I'm in the middle of composing a ratty email to the company asking for my money back for all three items, and peeling replacment baking potatoes for my dinner party :(
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