Crazy Meg of Bedlam (smu) wrote in bad_service,
Crazy Meg of Bedlam

Wait, you want what?

So I had some... weird service from WaWa tonight... (WaWa = 7-11 type convience store in NJ/PA)

I needed gas and the place I usually go to was closed for the night, so I pull into an all-night WaWa gas station. I've never gotten gas from WaWa before, but I figured it wouldn't be a problem.

After waiting for a bit (I'm in New Jersey, you can't pump your own gas here), a guy comes over and I hand him my debit card, telling him to put ten dollars regular in my car. He goes off to stick my card in the gas machine, then comes back over.

"What's your PIN number?" he asked. I blinked at him.

"Uh, what?"

"Your PIN number. The machine wants it."

"Why? I've never been asked to give my PIN number before when I've bought gas with my debit at other places."

"Just give me your PIN number or else it won't pump gas." he said. I thought this was... shady. I didn't want to just TELL someone my debt card PIN!

"Can't I just go to the machine and type it in myself?"

"Customers aren't allowed to get out of their cars while we're pumping gas." he said. "Just give me your PIN."

I instead gave him a ten dollar bill (I had been saving it for my lunch tomorrow, but whatever) and he humphs and gave me my debit card back. But I've never had someone nearly demand my PIN number before. No other gas station I've used my debit card at has demanded a PIN number from me. I wonder if this is policy or not, but I find it incredibly fucking shady and I'm going to watch my bank account now because it was just SO odd...
Tags: *gas/fueling station, inconvenience store
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