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I just got my second hole pierced a few weeks ago, and I decided to put some earrings on layaway so that when I can take them out I'll be spiffy. So I head over to the jewelry department and found two pairs that I wanted to put on layaway. I tell the woman working there, and she picks them up and starts to scan them to make labels for me to take to the service desk. All of this is fine and dandy, but the whole process took about fifteen minutes because she kept having side conversations with other employees and totally ignored me except grunting every now and then. So then she suddenly turns to me and informs me that one of the earrings I wanted to buy doesn't have a UPC label on it and that I'm out of luck. Then she told me she'd just put the cheaper ones on layaway and I could talk to the department manager about it.

I used to work in jewelry. When a customer came up to me and wanted to buy something with no UPC, I looked to make sure the little tag didn't fall of in the case or on the floor. Some of the tags aren't attached to the merchandise very good. She didn't even bother looking, nor did she attempt to solve the problem in another manner.

I know I am an employee there, but when I am making a big purchase, I except to be treated like a regular customer. I told her to forget it and left. If talking to her friends and not giving a flip about trying to help me is her priority then I'll buy my earrings someplace else.

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