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WTF/Bad Service with a Dash of Karma

Half WTF, half bad service at Burger King.

My sister and our mutual friend were in the middle of a busy day. We had errands to run before two birthday parties that evening, and were starving. So we stopped in at a Burger King for a quick bite to eat.

When we got up to the counter, there was no one around. (The restaurant was almost empty of customers, too.) It took a minute or two for someone to notice us and come take our orders. I order a chicken wrap combo, the clerk gives me my receipt, and I step aside. (He does not give me my cup so I could fill up my drink, which I found odd.) He then takes my sister's order (the same as mine) and our friend's (just the two chicken wraps, not the combo.)

We stand there waiting by the counter without our drinks, watching as the guy in the back makes the food. He quickly puts together my wraps, and puts them out to be bagged. He then starts to make the second batch of wraps. Up front, however, the guy who was supposed to be bagging is just milling around, looking extremely apathetic. My wraps were sitting there for almost 5 minutes before he even touched them. Adding to the WTF, the guy takes my wraps, puts them in a bag (even though were eating in), puts the fries on a tray, and then takes the wraps OUT of the bag, and puts them on the tray. o_O He did this all with the pace of snail. (Slowly taking them out of the bag. Slowly getting the cup out.)

I finally get my food and cup, so I fill up my drink and take a seat. My friend and sister join me shortly, but there's been a mix-up with my friend's order. She had only ordered the chicken wraps, but got the fries and cup like the combos. She gets water to drink, but doesn't bother pointing out the mistake and giving back the fries. (Not sure if that makes her a sucky customer; I know I would have pointed it out right at the counter and hopefully they could still take the fries back.)

Our food is good for the most part. Wraps are tasty, fries are good, until my friend stops eating and pushes her fries away. "I think I'm going to throw up." she stated, and I looked at her like she was crazy. "Look!" she insisted, and turned her Frypod around so I could see.

There was a long, black hair snaked through almost all of the remaining fries.

For a minute she wanted to complain, but I pointed out that since she hadn't even paid for the fries, how could she complain about them? (I'm sure technically she could, since that's still pretty lousy.)

It was gross, but I couldn't help but feel like saying, "That's karma for you."

TL;DR: My friend, sister and I receive very slow service at Burger King and friend finds a long hair amongst her fries.
Tags: *fast food, ^wtf
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