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About a year ago now, I switched from Telstra post-paid to Vodafone prepaid. It's a lot cheaper, and I've been willing to put up with their substandard mobile coverage in exchange for saving about $30 a month. However, now they have royally pissed me off.

Yesterday, I was expecting an important phone call. I didn't know what time it was going to come, but when it did I knew I'd have approximately an hour to drive 15 minutes away. It was actually in relation to an Origin suck I posted here recently - the meter reader was meant to call me an hour before he reached my old house so I could get there and provide access to the meter.

Unfortunately for me, he chose the exact moment to ring that I was in the toilet. So, I missed the phone call. However, he left a voice message, which I was alerted to by SMS, as usual. Great! At this point, I didn't know it was him but I was fairly sure it was, because I didn't recognise the number. However, I'd applied for a few jobs in the days previous and figured it could also be a recruitment agency. So, I dialled the number to get my voicemail - only to be told that my credit had expired and I would need to recharge before I could access my voicemail. Irritation the first - I have to pay to check my voicemail? Also, I'd had about $100 of credit left, but that was my fault, I should have kept a closer eye on when it expired and made an effort to use it up beforehand.

So, I grabbed the credit card off my husband and hopped on the computer to recharge. I dislike their online recharging form, because I can only have one credit card registered at a time. The problem with this is, sometimes I use my husband's Visa debit (when he has money in his account) and other times I use his plain old Visa. So I keep having to reregister one or the other if I'm not using the same one I used last time. It's a pain, but it hasn't been an issue so far. Except, of course, yesterday. I reregistered the plain Visa, because we're short on money at the moment, and it told me I'd exceeded the maximum number of credit card registrations. Given that I had only been registering the same two cards the whole time, this really irritated me. It's not like I've been registering a new card every month for a year. Fine, I think, I'll just use the Visa debit that's already registered and my husband can transfer some money over from the credit card to cover it. Except, he got sent a new card recently because his expired, so it wouldn't let me use the expired number (obviously) and wouldn't let me register the new card.

So, I tried to call Vodafone Customer Service from my mobile, which I am meant to be able to do - it's meant to be a free call from a Vodafone mobile. Except now it isn't, apparently, and it keeps asking me to recharge to continue. I give up and call Vodafone Customer Service from our landline, and get an Indian guy. I explain to him that I need to register a credit card in order to recharge.

Him: "Oh. It's not in your name?"
Me: "No, it's in my husband's name."
Him: "I'll need to talk to him then."
Me: "But I've been using this card to recharge online for about a year now and there's never been a problem."
Him: "Hold on a moment."
Me: -holds-
Him: "Hello?"
Me: "...Hello."
Him: "I need to speak to your husband."
Me: "Ok, fine."

I wake up my poor husband and ask him to please tell the guy it's his credit card. He dutifully does so, and repeats the credit card information to him. The guy then proceeds to tell him that his credit card is associated with another Vodafone mobile number, and that's why I couldn't register it online. My husband says we don't have any other Vodafone mobiles, so that must be an error. The guy insists that it is associated with another number. My husband asks what that number is. The guy won't tell him. My husband asks for any information on it - when his credit card was associated with it, etc. The guy refuses to tell him anything unless my husband can provide the Vodafone number associated with it. My husband says he removes any authorisation they have to use his credit card with that account then. The guy says he can't do that. Finally, he puts my husband on hold while he checks with a supervisor. Then he comes back and tries to insist my husband has a Vodafone number he's forgotten about. Finally, he asks my husband to repeat his credit card details again, and hey presto, he'd typed it in wrong and all was fine. He didn't apologise to my husband for incorrectly telling him his credit card was associated with another account.

It ended up taking over half an hour for me to recharge and get my voicemail message - which turned out to be the meter reader telling me he'd be there in half an hour. So now I have to reschedule him coming for the third time. Fuck you, Vodafone.

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