Katiedid717 (katiedid717) wrote in bad_service,

This is a suck that was passed on to me from an employee. Hospital/Medical Center names have been changed.

One of my employees got a call from his sister at about 7:30 this morning letting him know that his wife possibly had a stroke and was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. He asked me to find coverage for him and left work at Oh Please medical center (where we work) to go home and change before going to Lion Hospital in his area, where she was most likely brought.

When he got home at 8:15 am, the ambulance was JUST getting there. We're talking a 45 minute wait for this woman who had just possibly had a stroke. My employee asked if the ambulance company could please bring his wife to Oh Please (we get our hospital co-pay waived) and was told no, she had to be brought to Lion hospital because it was closer. By this time, the wife (who had a few small strokes about 2 years ago) was feeling okay enough to stand, sit, talk, so my employee drove her to Oh Please for himself.

WTF, ambulance company?
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