Kimmy (sattyknight) wrote in bad_service,

Because this is just ridiculous...

Screw the GameStop in our mall. All the awesome people moved to a different store anyways.

So my best friend preordered Tomb Raider : Underworld for the PS2 a little bit before Christmas. They told her it would be in January X, 2009(I forgot the exact date) and they would give her a call. She got a call from them a couple weeks ago saying they had it in. She went to the mall only to discover they preordered the PC version. Okay, human error. She asked if they had any for the PS2 and they told her they were sold out, but they should have more in the next week. We had been going by the mall and calling, asking if they had Underworld for the PS2(some of you may already know what's going on), to no avail. She called today just to check if they had any they said they were still sold out.

After we got lunch, we went to another GameStop that's across from our workplace just to check since we had time. My best friend asked them if they had the game and the guy just looked at us with a puzzling look and went, "...It's not even out yet." What? :| We ask if he was sure, and he checked in the system, telling us it wouldn't be out until February 16.

So the guys at the mall have been lying to us saying they were sold out of the PS2 version. I don't know if they didn't want to own up to their mistake of preordering the wrong one or they really are that clueless.
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