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Just an update on delivery problem...

Thanks again to everyone who made helpful suggestions about my problem with deliveries at my door. I did call the UPS hub, and the lady who answered the phone was very helpful. Since I don't always know if UPS will be the carrier, she suggested that when I am notified of shipment (the places I order will usually e-mail and mention how it is being shipped when it is sent out), if I know it will be UPS, to just give them a call and let them know I am expecting the package and need it to be handed to me. She says they sometimes miss the special delivery instructions if the sender does not put them in a prominent place on the outside of the package. I think I will still continue to leave the note on the door, just in case. They actually delivered my package yesterday (who knew they delivered on MLK Day?) and put it in between the screen door and storm door, so it worked out great.
Tags: follow-up, shipping shenanigans
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