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Oh my God, Best Buy, can you suck any harder?

I bought a gateway tablet two and a half years ago, and it started to act funny in July. We'd moved to Lethbridge from Calgary in the meantime, which shouldn't have been a huge problem, but guess what, huge problem. There'd been snow storms pretty much a month straight, and driving the two plus hours to the closest Best Buy is a huge pain.

When I got it back in September, the tablet only synced up about half the time (which was better than none of the time) and I had a book due. I got it in, and returned the laptop for repair on November 28th.

Here's where the fun began. The geek squad guy wouldn't help me, wanting instead to help the man who'd just walked up. When I insisted I'd been waiting twenty five minutes (and twenty five minutes by my watch, not the typical twenty-five minutes = four and a half if that)he finally started to help me, then when another man sat down next to me when we were half way through the check in, the git started to help him instead. Just broke off mid sentence with me and started to help the guy with his hard drive issue.

I demanded he get me someone, now, who could help me if he couldn't, and that tech was okay. I was fairly upset at that point, but he seemed to understand.

Okay, fastfoward to mid-December. The laptop was ready to be picked up, (and I should say "ready to be picked up" because in reality, no, of course it wasn't, but I didn't know it then. To apologize for the misogynistic tech, they promised to ship it to me if I faxed them permission. So, Monday the 15th of December, I faxed off permission with a copy of my driving license. Fastforward to that Saturday December 20th, I get a call from Best Buy, of course, saying the laptop was still ready and I should come pick it up. When I told the tech that's not right, it should have been sent to me, I was told that the tech knew nothing about that and they don't ship things for customers, ever.

I demanded to talk to the manager. Well, he said he only had the paperwork since Thursday. I said, check the date, it was faxed first thing Monday. He said, "Oh, that's my fault, I guess. Well we can ship it now".

But we were going into the Calgary for Christmas, so I told him to forget it, we would be there on the 24th. Only we didn't get to the city fast enough and had to go to church that night, so we went on Boxing Day. It was mayhem, but we got the laptop.

There was no room to check it, which again, was dumb of us, but they said they'd replaced everything and had fixed it. We believed them. We brought it home, fired it up, and the pen wouldn't sync at *all* with the computer. Not even a little bit.

And it was snowing. Hadn't stopped snowing for days and the snow continued for days. Best Buy never answers their phone to begin with, so argh at that. I brought the laptop back through a snow storm on January 4th to bring it back, but no management was there to deal with how upset I was at having to bring it back. The head tech guy promised me a call back in 72 hours.

Which of course, never happened. Instead, I got a call on Friday saying it was "fixed" again. The woman didn't use air quotes, of course, but she might as well had. We had a friend going in on January 10th to drop a friend off at the airport, so he picked it up for us. Got it back the next day, and the pen, instead of not syncing, wouldn't recognize when/if they pen was touching the screen. Whenever it was in range, it would write, which still makes it as impossible to write with as when the pen didn't sync at all with the tablet.

So, called the 1-866 number, obviously furious. I was promised a call back within 48 hours. They said which store. I said the north one. They said, "Northlands?" I said "No, Sunridge Way". I got a bad feeling about it, called back 10 minutes after getting off the phone, told them it was Sunridge, not Northlands, and they said yes, of course. Northlands. I got a call from Northlands (of course) on Thursday basically saying "who are you?" *headdesk*

The call back, 48 hours later, obviously, never happened. I finally got a hold of the store on Tuesday, a girl answered the phone, promised she'd call me back in 15 minutes, that didn't happen. Called back to the 866 number on Thursday after the call from Northlands, spent an hour on the phone, was told absolutely, if I did not get a call back Friday or Saturday, that I could call in Sunday and have the issue sent straight to the district manager. Called in Sunday, because, of course, no phone call, and the tech said there were notes on my account that this was being looked into and it would be dealt with 'soonish' what ever the hell that means on the grand scheme of things.

We told them Sunday, the first time we called in, that we would be in Calgary on Monday. Took the day off because the last time we drove in on a Sunday, there was no one there to talk to. Of course. So on Monday, yesterday, there was obviously no one there to talk to either. So the manager was taking Monday and Tuesday off, which meant either the manager gets 4 day weekends or he'd been sitting on the information since Thursday, when it was properly (!) routed to his store and didn't give the ass of a rat enough to do anything about it until the raving, furious customer actually showed up in person.

But he's not in until Wednesday. Afternoon, to boot. The no-lemon policy strictly states that if the same repair has to be done on the laptop, when bringing it in on the fourth time it would be replaced or store credit would be given. I've had nothing but run around, lies, and just straight being ignored.

So, yeah. I've never bought anything that needed extended care from Best Buy before, and obviously I never will again, but I really loved shopping there. The front-of-store techs were always so helpful and willing. This? This is a horror story that just won't end, like the remake of The Ring.

tl:dr: Best Buy has returned my "fixed" laptop for the third time. Runarounds, broken promises, and bad service abounds. All dates, tones, and conversations were fact-checked from my other journal as it was happening.
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