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What the hell Virgin? What the hell?

I have a prepaid phone account with Virgin Mobile Canada and instead of having pay per use texting I added unlimited texting on to my account. Last week I went to send someone a message when I get a "Hey you! You have no money in the account for that!"

I go onto my account to check it out, because wtf,  and sure enough its on pay per use. So I give them a call and tell them whats up. The tech tells me it was a server issue and my account didn't update but she will fix it. Cool beans no problem.

Flash forward seven days to this morning, I send off a text to someone and the "Hey dumbass you need to put money into the account!!" message. Again cue the WTF and I go on to my account and I see not only my text package is pay per use again but they took out fees for my websurfing pack has been taken out a second time. So I call Virgin and the tech looks on my account and sees no record of my last call nor was anything changed. The last person never bothered doing anything! This tech tells me that is not right and he not only got my texting package on the account properly I got refunded my money for both the text and the websurfing fees for this month!

And sure enough when I checked my Virgin account there is the texting package and the refund!

Yay for happy endings!
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