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I went to get my eye Rx checked today

Before going, I decided to look up prices for contact lenses online, since I had used one of those services before and really liked it. I found out that a year's supply of my contacts would be $100 with free delivery.
Did the check-up thing, got my new Rx, and went to ask about prices. They offered $115 for a year's supply, and for an additional $30 they offer a service where you get a year's supply of lens solution and unlimited free replacement lenses (like if you lose/tear them) all year. I don't know how many of you deal with contacts, but that is a really friggin' sweet deal. Even if you include the price difference from the online store, $45 for a year of lens solution + unlimited free replacement lenses is really awesome, and not available through any online retailer I've found. Before I agreed, I checked to make sure they have my preferred brand. I guess I have sensitive eyes, because I've used two other brands and they both burned and left my eyes bloodshot for days. Awful, awful. "Oh yes, we definitely have that." I buy the lenses, we finish the transaction, and they step in the back to get my solution.

Employee: Okay, we are actually entirely out of the regular-sized bottles of this one, but we do have a whole bunch of travel-size bottles that we're actually looking to get rid of.
Me: Ummm.. yeah, okay. Sure. (Weird, but what the hell, it's the same thing)
Employee: Okay, just a second *runs to the back, comes back with huge cardboard box full of lens solution*
Me: Oh, my. Hahaha. All of it?
Employee: Haha, yep!

I take my huge box and go to my car. I open it and look at the bottles. They all expire June 2009. Every single one of them. Oh boy. I go back in..

Me: Um, I'm sorry, but these all expire in five months. They all say 06/2009.
Employee: Yessssss. We're actually going to stop carrying that brand of solution so that is all we have left in stock.
Me: ... but I thought I got a year's supply of solution with the $30 deal.
Employee: Yes. I mean, that is a year's supply. # bottles in that size is a year's supply and that's how many are in that box.
Me: But I can only use it for the next five months. It all expires.
Employee: Umm, I'm not sure what to tell you. That's all we have of that brand and we aren't getting any more in.
Me: ... So what am I supposed to do when they expire? Do I come back and get more of a different brand or something?
Employee: I'm not sure that we can do that, since you do have a year's supply in that box.
Me: Can I speak to my doctor?
Employee: Suuure, just a minute.

I wait, I speak with the doctor, and he is duly embarassed. We work it out so that I can use the solution they gave me until it expires and then come back in June for the rest of the year's supply in some other brand that will hopefully not make my eyes go crazy. It ended well, but whaaaat theeee fuuuuck at that employee. I don't care if you give me ten years' supply of solution.. if it expired three years ago, IT'S NOT THE SAME THING!!

ETA On the plus side, every single box came with a coupon inside for $1 off a 10oz bottle. If anyone on here uses Opti-Free Replenish and is willing to give me their address, I'd be more than happy to mail them out, since I won't be needing them. They expire July 30th, 2009. Go here.
They've all been claimed! Sorry!

This is more of a lulz_service but I went to the grocery store afterwards and bought a Reese's Cup. I opened it and it was all white and crumbly. I know when chocolate gets that white coating it's still fine, but it just looked nasty and was all dry and in pieces. I went to exchange it and the guy was really nice. He asked where I got it and I pointed to the check-out on the far left. He went, "Ooooh, nooo, don't get candy from over there anymore. We stock all the old stuff over there to get rid of it. Yeah.. buy it from the registers on the right from now on, haha. Don't go over there." O_o lol okay. I will remember that.
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