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Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

Never thought I would even want to post to a place like this

So, a bit of backstory.  Hubby and I both have computers.  As everyone knows, computers get viruses and such, needing to go in and get cleaned up.  Hubby took his in, turns out the motherboard was bad, so he asked our computer specialists to get a new one.  The lady who owns the store told him, two weeks.  Turned out to be about five weeks.  In fact, he got a reconditioned tower from her, so he could continue to check email and such.  That is, in fact the tower I'm using right now.
I took my tower in to have them check why old compie was so slow.  Well, first it IS old.  It did have some viruses, and the memory was low.  I told her, go ahead, get the memory thingie.  Now, I took it in on monday, for virus scanning.  It wasn't done until friday.  she had said, it will be done wensday. 
She said, I'll get the memory thingie on wensday, install it, and you can pick it up at that time. 
Since I work nights, I waited until friday, it wasn't done.  Finally picked it up, only to find that not only were there some very strange icons on my comp, but I had no start menu. 
Almost two hundred bucks, and I can't use the damn thing.  have to take it back and have her tell me, A.  why do I have this walmart music thing and itunes?  I didn't install them, don't want them.  Why do I have aol?  I'm on dsl, don't want.  Where is my start menu and what is this crap wallpaper on my computer? 
Did you, in fact, delete all my stuff?  I'm not complaining, but why put on all this other crap?

When we first started taking our computers to her, she was fantastic.  She would get the towers done in the time specified, our towers would be virus free and all was well.

Lately, every time we take anything in, it takes twice to three times longer, and something is always wrong.  In fact, she left a rather important disc in hubby's comp one time.  I'd say, she's been getting way too much work, and is getting sloppy.  I would love to just tell her, either cut down on the work, or get another tech in. 

That, or we might have to find another place to take our computers when they get wonky.

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