Don't cry for me. I'm already dead. (morbidfantasy25) wrote in bad_service,
Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

Dear Pizza Place,

We understand you are under new management. We normally LOVE your place because you always offer prompt service with good food. We ordered our pizza 7:00 pm. After an hour, we called back and asked where our food was. You yammered something about how the delivery guy had to go home for a second and he'll be right out in a few minutes to send us our food. Ok...a little hungry but whatever here. Thirty minutes go by. We call you again. Another few minutes and he'll be right there. We call again, same story. After another hour (we got distracted by guests popping over uninvited) we call AGAIN and cancel our order because we are now starving and decide to order some place else. We are about to go to bed when the blaring of rap music from a van pulls up in front of our house. Seriously loud 'call-the-cops' type noise and you pound on our door. We open it. It's pizza guy. All you say is, that'll be $11.50. We check the time, it's almost midnight and we canceled the order two hours ago. Sorry. We don't want stone cold pizza.

Unsincerely yours,
Tags: *pizzeria
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