Xtina (seraphicstar) wrote in bad_service,

cellphones... ugh.

I almost never go to the mall, especially on a Saturday. Against my better judgment I decided to go yesterday to pick up some boots.
My hubby wanted to look at desk calendars so we stopped at one of those awesome kiosks which now have 50% off ones.
Throughout the 10 minutes that we poked at the merchandise the cashier ignored us. mind you, the merch is behind her and she is absolutely ignoring every kid with grabby hands and every other person looking at the stuff. Hubby finally finds the calendar he was looking for and plants himself in front of the cashier. she continues to ignore us and talk into her cell phone. she then says "ugh, i hate customers who interrupt me!"
you are at a place of business, im assuming you are being paid to do this job however inane and boring but that gives you no right to complain about customers IN FRONT OF THEM!! I'm not asking for you to be ms sunshine and have a whole chat with me, i would really just like to be acknowledged!
Tags: helpful comments, kiosk jerk
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