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Not sure if this is really bad service...

But is it appropriate for a nurse at a place where patients come first - not the doctor speaking with you, the nurse - to press when you mention an unrelated health issue?

The other day, I went to the clinic for some vaccine shots. The nurse asked some general questions, and one of them had an embarrassing answer. I don't want to go into detail, but let's just say I have some "female problems". I unfortunately could not dodge the question, so I had to answer. (Which might have been, in all fairness, my mistake - I suppose I could have said "I'd rather discuss that with the doctor" or something.)

Instead of nodding, the nurse (or assistant, I wasn't really sure which) kept prying about it. 

Nurse: Really?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: ... really?

Me: *Forced smile* Yeah, it's... odd, I know.

Nurse: ... really. That's so SAD!

She just couldn't get over it, and kept pressing the issue as we walked to the room I was to wait in.

I wasn't that bothered at the time - my mind wasn't really on my weird bodily quirks, it was on the fact that I was about to get possibly up to five vaccine shots. But it later occurred to me that it was weird that she just didn't drop it... I mean, I know something like that's bound to raise questions in one's head. I'm an office assistant, things clients have told me have made me want to ask all sorts of questions. But because I'm not even the one dealing with them at that moment, it's not my place. And I don't think it was hers either.

Am I wrong, though? And did I open myself up to it by answering the question, as opposed to at least trying to say "I'd rather not answer that"?

(I will delete this post if it's not bad_service . No need to tag. ;))

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