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Bad church service

This didn't happen to me, it happened to a coworker but she was so upset by it she needed to vent to me and now I'm so upset I've got to vent to you folks.

Some back story:
My coworker (CW) goes to the same church as her ex-husband (XH) and his family. CW and XH actually met through a church event. CW and XH have a 11 year old son, they divorced when KID was 4 yrs. XH stopped paying child-support when KID was 7 years old. CW was upset about this and took XH to court. Through mediation it was decided that until XH paid all back support due to CW then his visitation was at CW's discretion.

On to the story:
About 2 months ago CW's mother-in-law (MIL) had some friends visiting from out of town and wanted XH to bring KID over to meet them. Problem was XH isn't in charge of KID and CW had already made plans she couldn't easily break. Now MIL is mad at CW. About 1 month ago the church got a new pastor (NP) and since MIL is on some church committees she's been going on and on to NP about CW.

Last Sunday, CW and KID are at church when NP asks them, XH and MIL to come up to the podium. CW doesn't know why but they do and the pastor says, "Everyone we need to pray for this family. Pray that they can end the strife in their hearts and come together for the good of the child. Pray that they can learn to function as a family putting no one's selfish impulses before their group harmony. Now let us bow our heads."

CW is shocked, grabs KID's hand, go to their pew, grabs their coats and leaves. Now she's mad at MIL and NP* and is embarassed to go back to the church today.
*MIL didn't even tell XH that this was going to happen (according to XH which CW is willing to believe but I'm not sure I do.)

TLDR: New pastor takes the word of a gossiping mother-in-law and without consulting my coworker or her ex-husband decides to ambush-prayer/air their private business in front of the whole congregation.
Tags: confidentiality issues
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