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Incompetence as an art form

I have a prescription that is a controlled substance. I generally have my roomate drop it off, as she's the one with the car.

A week before new years: My roomate attempts to drop off my script and is told it cannot be dropped off without a photo ID. They keep it and tell her they can't fill it until I come in personally.

A few days later: I go in and present them with my ID, and they tell me they can have my prescription ready in ten minutes. I'm on my way somewhere, so I tell them to take their time, I'm going to pick it up the next day.

The next day: It's not ready and I'm on my way to work and cant wait, so I say it's fine, I'll pick it up the next day.

The next day is New Years and the pharmacy is closed. It has now been a week since I originally attempted to fill my prescription.

The following day: I'm told by the pharmacist that they're out of that particular medication and that whoever told me I could have it in ten minutes THREE DAYS AGO was wrong.  They also tell me that it's illegal for them to have kept the prescription, and begin to hunt for it to give it back to me. They fail to find it and tell me "well, it's in here." They tell me that they'll be ordering that particular drug on Tuesday, and it should be in by Friday, bringing my total wait time for this to two weeks.

Friday: It is not yet ready, but they will call me when it is.

Tuesday: I get an automated call that it's ready to be picked up. I'm working an odd shift so it's Friday morning before I'm able to get to the pharmacy.

Friday, the end of week three since I've originally tried to fill this: My prescription is not ready. Because of the extended time it sat on the shelf waiting to be picked up, they returned it to the shelf. I asked them if they really thought three days was excessive. They tell me it's been ready since the previous Thursday. The fact that I called on Friday and asked if it was ready and was told no means nothing. They don't have it, it's not ready, they have to do it again. I wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Finally the pharmacist tells me that they're not going to be able to fill it, because it's a serious offense for them to have been holding that prescription for so long, and that they are going to reprint it and give it back to me.
I remind them that they called me three days ago to come get it, they'd already filled it, and that under no circumstances was I leaving without it.
A fight ensues, where  I am accused of being unreasonable.
When I finally SHOUTED at them that I'd been trying to fill this prescription for three weeks, and that the only reason they'd held it unfilled for so long was because of their own ineptitude, they filled it and gave it to me just to shut me up and get me out of the store.
They all seemed to feel very abused.

I can't even believe I had to wait three weeks to get a prescription filled and go through such nonsense.
And for the record, this was Walgreens.
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