Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Updated to homeowners' insurance...

Update to this post:

So yeah...turns out when the insurance agent was uploading our info to Pekin...Pekin went ahead and took our premium out of the insurance agent's account. Pekin then supplied the bank with something saying that the insurance had been paid.

So..since Pekin said it had been paid, and insurance guy didn't bother to tell us this, the bank didn't give us the money to cover it in our closing costs.

If the insurance agent would have let us know this before we closed, we could have made sure that everything was worked out. But he didn't. He assumed that we were just going to handle it after the fact...

So now we have to fork over $1,000 that we weren't planning on..

There goes my new computer. :(
Tags: follow-up, insurance woes
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