Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

La Senza

So this one is kind of amusing to me, because I was always the girl with the flat chest growing up. Until I was about 19, I had A boobs. Grew to a B cup, and now with the birth control patch, a 34 C. I'm so proud *sheds a tear*.

Anyways, I got a ton of gift certificates for Christmas so I decided that I would get some new bras. I had bought one a few weeks ago from La Senza, and it was nice and comfy, and so I went back,

I picked out 4 bras, and some panties, and got in line. I finally got to the cash, and the girl starts ringing up my bras, and she says "Did you get a chance to try these on?"

I told her no, that I had bought a bra a few weeks ago of the exact same line, same size, etc, and it's fine.

She says "Well, these are a 34C, you do know that right?"

My response was "Gee, what a coincidence, SO ARE MY BOOBS"

At that point my boyfriend walked out of the store laughing, and a couple of customers were too, but I did feel it was rude of her to say it that way. I know my boobs don't look that big, and their bras fit small, but I could have been buying them for someone else for all she knew.
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