a corgi-dorable girl (athenagrace) wrote in bad_service,
a corgi-dorable girl

Sadly, I am near tears from this

For the sake of breveity and to reduce ick-factor, I'm going to put it at this:

Dear Dr.
We've been working together for years to figure out what the hell my problem is. I have done everything you've asked me. Taken every medication.  Had parts of me cut off and biopsied. While I appreciate the effort, I do not appreciate the attitude I just got from you on the phone. 

On Monday I went in (yet again) for pain and itching. You said it was X, I should take Y, and it will all get better. I believed it was X and took Y medication and just smiled when I got the brush off about the itchiness ("It will go away in a day or two!". On Wednesday I called and said no, it still really hurts and itches and I can't sleep. Give it time, you told me. It's been 5 days, and there is still pain and itching. I called up this morning to ask for something, anything, to help with the itching since I haven't slept in 5 nights. I'm not asking for crack, or pain meds, or whatever else is often abused. I want stuff for ITCHING so I can SLEEP. Oh, wait, so now, at 1pm on a Friday before a long weekend you're going to tell me "If the itching is that bad, go see a dermatologist." and hang up on me.

It's not the fact that my dr wants me to see someone else that bothers me. It's that why wasn't the dermatologist brought up on Monday when I went in? Or, for Christsake, on Wednesday when I called and the medicine obviously was not working? Or maybe return my Friday 8am phone call before 1pm so I might have a chance in hell of getting a derm appointment before the weekend? How about do anything besides leave a patient stranded?

I will be calling next week to request my records so I can see a different doctor. And I do have a derm appointment . . . but it's not until Tuesday.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy
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