Georgia (becomingun) wrote in bad_service,

Public Transit fail!

I live in a small city for school, where hourly, shitty busses are the only way to get around. It's also in Northern Canada, so right now it's very cold(today was -37C before wind chill), which makes waiting for the busses painful.

The door to my college is about 30-35ft from the bus stop, and according to the school security staff(whom we asked about bus routines and etiquette after what happened), in the winter, it's the norm for students to wait inside for the busses to stop at the corner, at which point we go outside to board. The bus drivers usually understand this, and have no problem waiting for all of 10 seconds for students to run out and get in.

Today we had someone different. A few kids were out waiting by the stop instead of inside, and when the bus started to pull up(10 minutes late, but that's totally normal), the rest of us ran out to meet it. The kids who'd been waiting got in, as the rest of us started to line up, at which point the driver closed the doors in front of a my friend BJ's face and gave us a "No, sorry" brush-off wave, before driving off in an almost entirely empty bus(out of 30 seats, maybe 5-6 were full, including the four kids who had been outside).

The busses come once an hour, but it was the end of the school day(last class ends at 5:30, school closes at 6), so about 20 minutes into our wait, the doors were closed by security and we had to wait outside.

And that's my shitty service for today.

One of the guys in my program suggested we write a letter, but I don't know if that'll do anything. Thoughts? I mean, besides not being on time, today was actually a danger to our health, rather then just the usual inconvenience.
Tags: public transit
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