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Arby's sucks!

So, a few days ago, I went to Arby's drive through to get some yummy food. I got two french dips, an order of curly fries, and two chocolate milkshakes.

First of all, they took 10 minutes to get my food out. I had time to smoke a cigarette while I waited for my food. This is supposed to be fast food...if I want to wait 10 minutes for food, I'll go to a sit-down restaurant. Then, they messed up my milk shakes, thinking I said mint chocolate (how does MEDIUM sound like mint?), so I had to wait even LONGER for those. Okay, got my milkshakes, got my food, going home. I pick up my bags...and the Au Jus leaked out, all over the passenger seat of my car, leaving a nice brown stain in the grey upholstery. I'm PISSED, because brown stains don't exactly look good on the grey car seat. I bring the food up, whatever, juggling a wet, Au Jus-soaked paper bag, a bigger bag with my sandwiches and fries, and my milkshakes. With no drink holder...I end up dropping one of my milkshakes, and half of it spills before I can even put the straw in it.

Okay, call up Arby's, explain my situation. Awesome CSR answers politely.

CSR: Thanks for calling Arby's, this is CSR, how may I help you?
Me: Yeah, I'd like to speak to a manager.
CSR: Okay! Just a moment, ma'am. *in the background to manager* I have a customer on the phone wanting to speak to you.
Asshole Manager (AM): Tell 'em to call back.
CSR: Ma'am, he said you can call back...
Me: *angry now* NO, I want to speak to a MANAGER.
CSR: *to manager* She's mad. She wants to speak to you.
AM: *rude* Hang on!

So, I wait for a moment, and polite/totally awesome CSR finally asks for my number and ASSURES me that they'll call me back in about five minutes. So, I gave them my number. Five minutes later, they call back, and I explain my situation. The manager was rude to me over the phone, arguing with me over what happened with my milkshakes (seriously, offer drink holders for more than two drinks!). Finally, they agree to replace my meal, and tell me that I can come in any time to get said replacement meal.

So, today I drive up to get my replacement meal. I go to the drive through, and the person asks me to come inside, causing me to start on the path to grump-ass girl. Go in, and he's looking at the entry in the books.

Now, I understand that he was wondering why my milkshakes were being replaced, as well...but that's a concern to voice to the manager on duty. This is a different manager than the one I dealt with the other day, so we'll call him Rude Manager (RM).

RM: *in a rude tone* Okay, so we have all of this...WHY are we refunding this now?
Me: *angry, explains what happened last time*
RM: ...So WHY are we giving you these milkshakes?
Me: *even more angry, explains what happened with the milkshakes*
RM: *BIG SIGH, condescending tone* Alright, we'll get that taken care of for you.

So, I get all of my stuff, okay, it looks like they put the au jus in there to make sure it wouldn't leak. Made sure I got a drink holder for the milkshakes so I wouldn't paint my hallway with milkshake again. I AM, however, extremely angry at the fact that the manager was very rude to me, and actually questioned ME about what I was receiving. I was just coming to get what another manager had told me I was going to get, there is NO NEED for him to ask ME why I was getting everything.

Get home, get everything to bring it up to my apartment...LO AND BEHOLD! The Au Jus leaked once again, leaving me yet ANOTHER nice brown stain in my car seat, and soaking the entire bag. When I was trying to put all of the stuff down so I could eat it, the soaked bag broke, and half of my fries fell out on the floor. Oh, and the fries were also cold.

I just decided to avoid that store from now on, and I called corporate headquarters and complained to THEM. Two bad experiences is enough to warrant a call to corporate. So, we're getting some VIP cards (meaning more free food), and they're going to talk to them about the issues, since apparently that store just ignores it when a customer has a bad experience.

In any case, I'm never going to that Arby's again. I love Arby's food, but two bad experiences in a row, plus two rude managers, is enough to ensure that I will not be going to that location any more.
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