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Insurance Suck

A few months ago I signed up for short term insurance because I had a gap of time between being dropped from my parents’ insurance and getting on my work insurance. I was told that if I canceled in advance I would get a refund for the unused months. I was signed up until January 1, but when I learned my work insurance would go into affect December 1, I called in the middle of November to let the short-term insurance company know that I would be cancelling early.

I didn’t speak with the man I signed up with, but instead one of his secretaries and just left the message with her. She asked my last name, and I said “Wilfert.” She thought I said “Wilson” but I correct her. So I just continued on my merry way until the start of January when I realized I had still not received a refund for my unused months.

I call the insurance company again and am told that their phone logs show no record of me calling at all. Therefore they have to assume I didn’t contact them in advance so I cannot get my full refund. I was in shock about this, because that was over $100 they were not going to give back to me.

I didn’t know what to do so I just told him I understood, but he continued to talk about how his employees have been working for him for a long time and wouldn’t make any mistakes, so it had to be my fault this happened.

Now I’m mad as hell because through the whole conversation I felt like he was insulting me; I call him the next day saying I don’t accept what he told me. I know I called when I was supposed to, I did what I had to and it wasn’t my fault if a mistake was made on their end. I even said I’d get the phone records to prove I called them.

He said that was fine and then decided it was very important for his secretaries to hear our conversation. He brought them into the office and put me on speaker phone and I had to explain the situation again. Through this entire conversation he’s mispronouncing my last name.

Secretary 1: I could check the phone log

Insurance Idiot: I checked them. It shows she didn’t call.

Me: I know I called around the middle of November. I'm sorry but I can't remember the exact date.

Secretary 2: Wait! I have a Rebecca Wilson that called November 18 from 555-5555 at Company X (a small business this guy actually works with A LOT, so it should be familiar to him)

Me: My last name is WILFERT!

Insurance Idiot: ……

Me: That’s me. That’s when I called and that’s the phone number I used because I was calling from work.

Insurance Idiot: Okay, then I will be writing you a personal check and sending that to you.

Me: Thank you very much. I hope you have a nice day! :D

I just received the check today and couldn’t help but laugh. At the top of the letter is my full name, spelled correctly, and not three lines below they misspell my last name AGAIN as Wilfort in the 'Dear Ms.' part.

In a nutshell: I’m almost out over $100 because my last name is too difficult for human comprehension.

For the record the secretaries were very friendly, I was more made at the insurance agent with how rude he was and how he tried to push all the blame off on me. He didn’t even apologize for what happened. I understand mistakes happen, but it's important to work with people to fix them, not just blame your customers.
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