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Credit Union Suck

This was about a year ago....

I purchased gas @ a station near my friends house, not somewhere I regularly go, on Sept 27th. I got a receipt and saved it until it had cleared my account. It was posted as clearing my account on Sept. 29th so I tossed the receipt. Never went to this gas station again.

In early November, I logged in to my online banking and saw a charge from the same gas station. When I went into the details it said Sept 27th with the same trace #, amount, location, etc of the previous transaction that cleared my account back in September.

I called tele-services at my credit union to verify I was reading this correctly - that the charge had posted twice. Sure enough the person there confirmed it was in fact the same charge and to go to a branch to start a dispute. Ok, great.

The branch closest to my house is one my sister used to work at. I know the manager there, he's fat and lazy but that was whatever. I took my September statement showing the cleared charge and printed my online summary showing the duplicate charge since I didn't have the November statement yet.

They have me go see 'financial services consultant' Yesenia aka DB ( Dumb Bitch).

I tell DB what happened, showed her the paperwork and informed her tele services already confirmed it was a duplicate charge.

She says just a minute she needs to print some paperwork for me.

I sit there in her stupid cubicle and hear this:

DB: This isn't a valid dispute the merchant has 60 days to charge. These members need to stop wasting our fucking time.
Another girl: Tell her sorry it's a valid charge.

*** I was the only customer in there at that time .. it's not like they were busy.

Giggle Giggle Giggle from the two of them ....

DB comes back and I'm ready to hit the roof. She tells me ' this is not a valid dispute the merchant has 60 days to submit the charge ' ..... I explain again YES, I know they have 60 days but it came out TWICE. She tells me it never came out. I AGAIN show her the statement where it says MINUS 31.87 and explain ' minus means it was taken out, no?'. She gets bitchy says she will file it but it will be kicked back as not valid. Typically, when they do a dispute at my CU they will return the funds to your account pending resolution. I had two dollars left with 5 days till payday because of the duplicate charge. I needed the money which she could clearly see.... DB refuses to temporarily put the disputed funds back in my account. At this point I ask for fat lazy manager, aka Paul, surprise - surprise he's not there.

There was another branch only a few more miles from my house so I decided to go there and see if there was a manger there I could talk to. By the time I got there I was practically crying I was so angry. I talked to the manager, Cathy, and she looked it all up verified I DID have a valid dispute and it was charged twice. Cathy then went in put the money temporarily back in my account.

I told my sister about it who had worked with DB and was shocked she treated me like that as DB was a friend of my sisters. I don't go in there with the ' I know so and so who works here ' ... I'm just like every other customer. The dispute was resolved in my favor but my sister said Cathy ( who I later found out wasn't a branch manager but a regional manager ) must have followed up because DB was no longer listed in the employee directory that next week .......
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