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I am still mad at the TTC- case of annoying_service

I got very, very annoying_service from the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) subway when I was trying to get home from Sheppard Station. On the southbound line, at about 7:51 pm, a subway was passing through. Perfect, usually I have to wait for five minutes for a subway nowadays at least because it seems they don't do enough maintenance on the lines so there are many, many delays. (and the new buses can't handle the cold or tall people but that is another rant for later).

So I wait on the side for people to get off first. The rule is, you wait on the side out of the way while the doors open, the people step out and you go in. Doors close. IDK if that makes any sense, but it's really inconvenient for people to get on while you're trying to get off, so I wait patiently for everyone to get off and then I get on. We're also not supposed to "rush the doors, but wait for the next train" as they announce this every single day several times over the PA system.

Anyway. Three tall, black guys get off. They aren't moving slowly, but at a normal male pace. (as in, not walking "gangsta style" all slow). They all get off and... the doors close. (ETA I am merely describing the guys because I remember, plz not to be saying I'm racist. Actually they weren't bad looking either but that was from me looking at them for half a second)

I yelled a very loud "fuck". I hate when that happens because I feel like I am being punished for obeying a rule that the TTC has always had: waiting for people to get off FIRST.

I am still annoyed. This service isn't cheap, either. At least the next subway was there in about five minutes.
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