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Exxon Station Bad Service

It took me 30 minutes to get gas tonight.

It takes 20 minutes to get from my house to my son's school. His aftercare ends at 5:30. I left at 10 till 5, and pulled into the gas station down the street to fill up. I figured, 10 minutes for fueling, 20 for driving, and 10 for whatever extraneous traffic conditions might arise. Perfect!

I swipe my debit card, enter my pin, and wait. And wait. And wait. "Please Hold a Moment" never leaves the screen. After a few minutes, I try to cancel so I can go to a different pump. It won't let me. I get my three year old out of the car and go inside. I tell the cashier that the pump is frozen, and she says, "Well, go to another pump." Patiently, I said, "It won't let me cancel, either, and I'm not leaving while my transaction is open."

She frowns at me and says, "Well, wait." Then she proceeds to cash out other people while I stand there, getting pissed off. I finally interject, saying, "Can't you just cancel it for me, please?"

"Well, I have to do it out there." ::turns to cash out other people who came in while I was waiting::

It was at least ten minutes, with my anger rising higher and higher before she finally makes the other people leave the store so she can go out to the pump (with a pissy expression on her face - listen lady, not my fault your manager can't be bothered to properly staff the store). When she gets there, she tells me, "Ok, you're all set to pump." I pump gas, and when I'm done I see the message "Please pay cashier". ::narrows eyes::

So I have to get my three year old out of the car, go back inside, and wait in line to pay. I asked what time it was while I was being cashed out. Answer: 5:20 pm. Thirty fucking minutes to get self-pump gas.

I was ten minutes late picking my son up from aftercare. And it'll be a cold day in hell before I stop at that station again.
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