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A belated update to this post about bad service from Origin.

We received our bill from our old place last week, and it was an estimated account. I scanned the bill and realised that they hadn't even come to read the meter on the 7th like Herbert told me they would, they'd come on the 6th. I hadn't actually been able to get anyone at the house on the 7th, and had been planning to reschedule it, but reading that date erased any bad feelings about not being there on the 7th.

So I took the opportunity to call Origin again, and this time got a woman called Emily. She was lovely. I explained the situation to her, and she has arranged someone to come today. When I asked what time I needed to be there, she put me on hold for a moment and told me that although it wasn't a service they usually offer, they would get the meter reader to call me on my mobile approximately an hour before he arrives! I was extremely grateful to her, and cannot imagine why A SUPERVISOR did not offer me that service on my previous phone call, especially since I made it clear how difficult it would be for me to get someone there to allow access to the meter.

Oh, and also? The supervisor told me to be there between 7am and 9pm - Emily told me their official hours of meter-reading are between 8am and MIDNIGHT. Herbert clearly didn't know his arse from his elbow.

So, assuming everything goes to plan and the meter reader does, in fact, call me, I should be on the road to getting this all fixed!
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