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Time Warner Cable: Bad Service with a Good Ending

This October, I signed up for one of those "special deals" they plague college campuses with. It entailed free installation, plus free standard Cable and high speed internet (15 MB/S D/L) for a month. At the end of the month I called the woman, C*, who had hooked me up to downgrade to the quoted (in August) 2 MB/S D/L for $29.99/mo and cancel the TV, and thought all was well.

Nope. She called back to clarify and had conveniently reversed my order to the more expensive version (keep TV, cancel Internet). I corrected her and again, thought all was well.

Then the bills arrived. Here I do Bad Customer and ignore the bills until Dec. 23rd, when I finally called the customer service line. (In my weak defense, I was trying to find C*'s last name, thinking it would expedite the discussion with TWC.) I find that C* didn't bother changing my service plan until Nov. 7th - long enough into the month to get me charged for November. After much explanation they work things out and credit me back my money, cancel my TV, and downgrade me to 2 MB/S D/L for $24.95, which they refer to as "Cable Lite." I once more think all is well and that I'm even getting a good deal.

In between I do Bad Customer again and take some time to pay the bill, but do sometime in the beginning week of January.

My roommates and I return home and to school on Jan. 5th, and we find our Internet is a bit slow. This morning one of said roommates calls Cable to be told that they have "soft disconnected" us and that is why it is slow. They then disconnect our Internet. I pay the bill online again, and it seems to work this time as it says "Pending Payment." When I return home the Internet is still slow (76 kB/S D/L) and my payment still says "Pending", so I call to see what's up.

Here's where the Good Service happens:
* Representative 1 with Billing goes to extra lengths to double-check my bill history and finds ~$14.00 still uncredited to me. He corrects this and clarifies that it will be deducted from next month's bill. He then tests my speed with me, finds it lacking, and forwards me to Tech.
* Representative 2 with Tech tests my speed with me, then corrects me on the error that Billing has made 3 times now that RR Lite = 2 MB/S D/L, as it actually is the 76 kB/S D/L I am currently receiving. He forwards me to Local.
* Representative 3 with Local informs me Billing was wrong, Tech was right, and that I could actually be getting 7 MB/S D/L for the same price of $24.95. I tell her to hook me up; she does, and it works instantly.

So overall opinion of Time Warner Cable, Cincinnati branch: Deceptive with the special offers, their special offers representatives are not to be trusted, and if you're patient enough on the phone with them plus keep an eye on your bill / service, you'll eventually get a good deal.

ETA: Edited to remove RL name of representative. Apologies.
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