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Bad service by a bouncer - and no more worries

Hi there! Long-lurker, first post, etc. Can't do the cut, it's been way too long for me and I don't remember how. Sorry! Now for the story...

Last Saturday I was with a group of friends at a local bar that plays almost exclusively 80's music. I went to use the restroom, and being female, there was a small wait. One girl ahead of me, one had just gone into the bathroom. The bouncer (watching restrooms to make sure there are no shenanigans) wanders away, and then the men's room opens up. I offer the room to the girl ahead of me, she declines, so I mosey on in.

No sooner had I sat down when there is a pounding at the door. Of course I cannot answer, being a tad occupied. So I finish, wash my hands, wipe down the seat and exit. The bouncer grabs my arm and yells into my ear "You f*** up one more time and you're out! That is a blatant ABC violation!" I start to apologize, saying I didn't realize that, and he cuts me off "I knocked on the door. Twice!"

I apologize, telling him I'd already sat down and that's why I didn't answer. Then I walk away. No biggie. I go back to my group and tell the story. Some of the girls work in other bars and they tell me it is NOT an ABC violation for me to enter the mens room. Entering with a drink is one thing, but I did not have one with me. A short while later, I see the bouncer exit the bar and try to point him out to the friends, see if they knew him. They didn't see him then, but he came back in and wanders back to the restrooms. He must've noticed them looking for him, because he comes back and stands by the door, eyeing us the whole time.

For those that might not know, here in Virginia ABC controls all liquor sales, in bars, stores, etc. It is indeed a violation to enter the restrooms with drinks. Before my run-in with the bouncer, a friend saw two girls entering the (single) restroom together, with their drinks. And nothing got said to them. Awhile later, I saw a girl going into the mens room, and I tried to tell her she'd get yelled at for it. Guess what? She didn't.

The next evening I called and spoke with a manager. Before I even told my story, she asked for a description of the bouncer. Then she told me I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore, as he has already been fired. She also informed me that although they stop men from entering the womens room, if women want to brave the mens room "then go for it. It's not an ABC violation."

I feel that justice had been served. The bouncer was also not nice to my friend who tried to open the (locked) liquor cabinet, thinking it was the entrance to the restroom (the doors all look the same). Though I don't wish joblessness on anyone right now, and it wasn't my complaint that made it happen, maybe the guy will pay more attention to what does violate ABC laws/codes/whatever.
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