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pharmacy "corporate" suck

So yesterday morning I put my prescription in on the easyfill system, which I always do for my re-fils, as the Kroger pharmacy takes a MINIMUM half hour to get my prescriptions ready if I put them in at the counter. (I have to be careful of when I put in for the refil because insurance is really funky about covering it, hence the waiting until the day i needed it to refil.)

The system tells me my file is found, and it'll be ready for pickup at 5:20. End up dawdling a bit at the house, get to the store at about 5:30-5:40ish. Go to the pharmacy, ask for my 'scrip.

"Oh, we couldn't fill it. We're out."


After getting a manager(who was quite nice, and actually got a little riled on my behalf at first) to ask if this was standard practice, and he went to talk to the techs... Apparently they don't bother to notify you if they're out of your particular prescription when you call/put in your refil until you try to pick it up, which is ridiculous on corporate's part.

At this point, I don't have enough time to get to another Kroger pharmacy before 6pm to pick it up.

Luckily, the walgreens across the street was still open and had the medication i needed(though a different brand generic...hopefully it won't affect me too much), so i transferred it and dashed across the street while my roommate finished shopping and met him back at the car.
Tags: *bad policy, *medical/pharmacy
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